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Learning Program

Our Learning Program

Tailored To Your Child

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality kindergarten program that aligns with the National Early Years Learning Framework and includes play based and teacher-led intentional learning.

Curriculum decisions are centred around Educators spending time with and knowing the children, creating a sense of belonging, and then tailoring a learning program suited to each individual child.

Together children, families and educators form our community to provide the best possible learning opportunities for each child

Learning Experiences

The Start Of Your Child's Development

The Educational program is designed and overseen by an experienced Bachelor Qualified Kindergarten Teacher, and together all Educators implement responsive and meaningful learning experiences that encourage children to:

Investigate, Discover, Imagine & Create
Practice Literacy, Numeracy, Science & Life Skills
Build Relationships & Grow In Community
Respect Diversity & Understand Culture
Solve Problems & Grow in Confidence
Experience Independence & Agency

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The Best Learning Environment For Your Child

We recognise the importance of our role in guiding children to protect and cherish our natural world. Our daily routine and learning spaces invite children to explore and investigate their natural world for extended periods of time.

With a focus on the beautiful outdoor play areas, bountiful greenery and indoor natural resources, children are inspired to appreciate and care for their natural world.

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