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About Us

Our philosophy

Play, Grow, Learn.

Play, Grow, Learn is our belief in play as essential to all children’s capacity to engage with their world and to understand their place in it.  As children grow their abilities develop, their complexity of function increases and their ability to build on previous learning is enhanced.

Our philosophy embraces the understanding that each child is unique, capable, creative and social as they travel their individual path of learning and understanding.

Together children, families and educators form our community to provide the best possible learning opportunities for each child

what makes us unique

The being3 Difference

The being3 vision is to provide quality education in the Early Years through a stimulating educational program that is play-based and equips children with skills, understandings, learning styles, social and cultural competencies and emotional wellbeing. We believe this vision is what sets us apart.

being3 families see our kindergarten as a friendly, warm and caring environment in which all children and families feel confident and supported. 


  • Funded 3 & 4 Year Old Kindergarten Program
  • Literacy and Numeracy Program
  • Community Focused
  • Inclusive Environment 
  • Family Operated
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A Stimulating Learning Environment

We believe that for children to achieve their full potential it is important to provide an inviting, nurturing and open ended environment that allows each child the time and space to explore, question and develop skills at their own pace.

Parents are valued and welcomed participants in the Early Learning programs. We consider parents to be our partners in their child’s learning and development. Together, children, families and educators form our community and work together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for each child. Collectively we become co-learners with the children and develop strong relationships in a small community.

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